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Home Loan Payments

I would really like it if the detail portion of the Home Mortgage payments worked as it is supposed to.  For me, when I click into that lower area for detail, I don't get any information about my loan.  I have to change over the to other portion called Payments.  Seems a waste.  And all payments should be automated.  When I make a payment, it subtracts the amount immediately from my Checking or Saving, but it takes a few days (sometimes) to be credited to the loan.  The problem is I am sure you are averaging out the average outstanding amount in order to charge me interest, so essentially I am paying interest on amounts that should have been deducted from the outstanding balance.  Seems like a small sum, but add it up over the life of the loan and all users and this could be substantial.  

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BECU Employee

@Robertal01- Thanks for joining the MIX and sharing your feedback with us. Because of the way our systems talk to each other, it can cause "lag" time between the time your payment is deducted and when it's applied, but I want to assure you that your payments are effective dated for the day you actually make them, so no extra interest is being paid. 


I'm not sure the "lower area" you're clicking into, but if you click directly into your home loan account within your online banking, it *should* bring you to a page with all of your home loan details, probably more than you even wanted to know! If we can help further though, please don't hesitate to call us- 800.233.2328. Cheers, KristinA