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High Yield Savings

I would like to keep my emergency fund cash savings with BECU because I love my credit union and want to be a loyal customer.  However lately I have been more and more tempted to move that money to the online savings account providers like Ally, ING Direct, Synchrony, Capitol One, etc. which offer a much higher interest rate for the entire balance (not just the first $500).   I realize BECU could not offer the same high interest rate due to overheard that online banks do not incur.  However is it possible to be a bit more competitive in this arena?


I keep my emergency/savings money in a Money Market with BECU that I can withdraw from anytime...limit 6x a month, I believe. It's not as high yield as I'd like especially given the $$ I have in there...interested in other options as well, but keeping the $ at BECU.


I agree. I tend to take money out of savings once I get over $500 just so I can keep that higher rate! That doesn't do much to encourage good money managing habits.


More savings options would be nice. I currently keep all my savings with BECU and would like to continue to do so, but if there are better rates out there, I wouldn't be opposed to moving things around.


I also bank with Navy Federal (thank you brother) and thinking of switching over to them for everything, much better rates, more competitive/comparable to bigger banks, etc.

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@jenniferstipe- We love our loyal members, thank you! We are consistently monitoring the rate environment for opportunities, but we believe our true competitive advantage over other savings account providers is our Return to Member philosophy. Our focus has always been on the entire relationship with our loyal members, which has allowed for BECU to continue to charge fewer and lower fees on our depository products and to offer a totally free checking product with no minimum balance or no monthly. On average, we return ~$184 to each member each year in better rates, lower fees, and affordable, accessible services. Cheers, KristinA 


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@jenniferstipe- Just wanted to reach out and share an awesome Holiday savings promo with this group. Check out the details here. Cheers, KristinA 

I have been thinking the same.

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@reighsimuzoshya- Thanks for joining the conversation!


Agreed. I understand that this is likely not plausible, but I'd like to see slightly higher interest rates, even if this were out of step with industry standards. Building savings is extremely difficult when interest rates barely outpace inflation.