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Goal Specific Savings

There are quite a few apps and services available at the moment that allow you to create individual savings goals. 

For example, "New Car Fund", "Wedding", and "First House" are savings goals shared by many these days, but it can be hard to see how close you are to those individual goals when its all in one big bucket. Ideally, you input your specified savings goal, your target date and how often you want to transfer funds, and BECU auto transfers the funds, helping you save toward what matters most to you.

Admitedly, I am currently enrolled in a similar program outside of BECU that helps me track to my savings goals by pulling funds out of my BECU account each week and transfering them to the savings program I'm enrolled in.


I would love for this to happen all within my BECU account so I have one place for all of my banking needs!  iphone-moneybox-260x540.png


I would like to create "folders" inside my account to store different amounts of my money.

The total of all the money in my folders would equal the value of my account.

Each folder earns the same interest rate as the master folder (account).



In my savings account, I might have a "travel" folder, a "car" folder, a "gift" folder, etc. Each of these folders might represent something that I am slowly saving up for. Then I would set up auto-transfers and and periodically distribute money from my deposits to all my various folders. I could easily see my progress this way because each folder would show a total, much like each account is summarized in My Accounts.


I know that I can create separate accounts pretty easily for this but is that the only way to accomplish what I want? Perhaps there is a feature that I am not aware of. Also, I did search a little in Mix for this idea but didn't see a match.







I hadn't seen richaffey89's post when I searched and posted a similar idea:


I like the fancy interface with pictures and all shown above but I would be just as happy with a simple list using money "folders".


Either way, this is something I would love to see without having to create separate accounts to track my saving goals.



Community Manager

Thanks for sharing this idea @nchaffey89! I also use some of these external programs; some of them are very slick! As an alternate option, you can open additional accounts and set up auto transfers directly within online banking that can help you achieve a similar end result. I've forwarded your idea to our product team and will respond back to this thread with updates when I have them.


@Joe Thanks for adding a similar take on this idea. In order to show cummunity support for similar ideas, I've moved your idea thread here so that all the comments can remain in one place. Please let me know if you have any questions. John S