Freeze Cards at will

Competitors have the ability to freeze cards and unfreeze them with a mobile app, or email contact. If you know you aren't going to be using your card for a while, the ability to freeze it for peace of mind would be great, as well as if you may have misplaced it, you can freeze it and if it turns out it was just lost in a pant pocket you can un freeze it. I think this would be an excellent saftey feature


While the pause feature is great for Debit cards, this feature is still lacking for Credit cards.  The CardNav app, or similiar, would be a great addition to BECU to allow real-time customer management of credit cards.  PLEASE add this feature.

Community Manager

@flyhab I like where your head is at! This is something that our team is considering down the road which will take partner coordination to achieve. Development is likely more than 12 months out, but we’ll definitely keep the community updated with more info when we have it. JohnS