Freeze Cards at will

Competitors have the ability to freeze cards and unfreeze them with a mobile app, or email contact. If you know you aren't going to be using your card for a while, the ability to freeze it for peace of mind would be great, as well as if you may have misplaced it, you can freeze it and if it turns out it was just lost in a pant pocket you can un freeze it. I think this would be an excellent saftey feature

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@najjarva - Thanks for sharing your experience as a beta tester. We're always looking for ways to make banking easier and we'll be the first to let you know about possible enhancements for card management when we have more details from our digital partners in 2018. Thanks! JohnS


I would love this. Then if you think you lost you card, you can freeze it until you either find it, or confirm it is lost! When I was in school I lost my wallet and delayed freezing my account because I was pretty sure I knew where my wallet was. It was found, but like 6 months later. I ended up freezing my card but because there wasnt a BECU in my area, just partner branches, I couldn't get a new card right away!


I just used the Payments option to pay my rent and my health care premium and received emails for each telling me I had made a change. I have always received these. However, for the second month in a row, the font size used in the message area is so tiny, even my glasses could not read what was said. I had to use my computer's Command+ a few times which enlarges the font on the screen.


Please, you finally changed the font size back to normall on the Transactions Confirmation printouts. So, please, could you change the font size back to a readable one (like 12pt, or even 10pt). Then I'd be a happy camper again.


JohnS, you said you were going to look into this. Is there a reason the font used now is smaller? Just curious. If there is a reason, I need to hear it so I can accept the smaller font. Thank you.



I'm going to comment that I would like this feature.  I realize my comment will put it back on the top of the comment list.  I recommend that if you would like this feature that you make a comment to that effect also.  How about it BECU????

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Status changed to: In Development

Good news all! We're currently undergoing work to make this an idea a reality. Stay tuned here for more! JohnS

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Status changed to: Idea Built

Thanks to @shayzyme, and the support of the MIX community, BECU members are now able to pause and unpause debit cards via Online Banking. Check out more details here. JohnS


Great for those times you “loose” your card but your pretty sure you left it at work, in your luggage, at home etc.


Is the pause button coming to the App Sometime in the future?


Great idea! This should be available for all cards linked to your account and an option per card or all cards.

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@goodlord00 Currently, you're able to pause and un-pause your debit cards in Online Banking. You can access this tool once logged into the full site by clicking on "Account Services" > "Pause Your Debit Card". If you have any questions, please let me know. JohnS