Freeze Cards at will

Competitors have the ability to freeze cards and unfreeze them with a mobile app, or email contact. If you know you aren't going to be using your card for a while, the ability to freeze it for peace of mind would be great, as well as if you may have misplaced it, you can freeze it and if it turns out it was just lost in a pant pocket you can un freeze it. I think this would be an excellent saftey feature


That is an excellent idea, especially with this massive data breach of Equifax (in which I am one of the lucky millions). We the consumer need more instant access to our accounts without delay or trying to contact BECU. With today's Internet, identity theft or credit card fraud can happen in seconds. It is time for BECU to drop the 3rd party company and contract a company with instantaneous notification capabilities.


I'd like this alot! There's times when you just need your card not to be active! I'd love this feature! Would be extremely useful! 

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Status changed to: Further Consideration

Thanks for sharing @shayzym! We agree this is desired functionality, however there are other enhancements we're working on that have taken priority which will allow us to offer additional functionality down the road. We'll be sure to provide updates on this as we move them closer to delivery. Thanks! JohnS


Just froze all my credit reporting info with the big 3. This could also be a powful tool. Also I work long hours and caprool so making it to the bank to reissue a new card is a sever PITA! As pointed out previously the internet and fraudster's are open 24/7 even on Sunday, we need the same access.


Yeah, this needs to happen.  


I strongly support this. 


I know from an IT perspective this is not as easy behind the scenes as a simple switch like the end user would see to design and implement. 


However, I really hope this is implemented sooner than later. Robot Happy



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Thanks for adding your voice to this topic, @Coolcolly. You're right, the things that seem the simplest sometimes require a lot of back-end work. We hear you, and we'll continue to share this feedback with our Digital and Mobile teams as they work to offer this functionality down the road. Thanks again for sharing! JohnS 


I just had a 'lost wallet' moment yesterday (my 1 yr old son got a hold of my wallet 😨) and this feature would have been super useful for the few hours it took to find it hidden in his room!

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@Sfrisch Yikes - those moments are always dreadful! I'm so glad you found your wallet and I appreciate you sharing your experience to highlight the importance of this idea. As always, we'll be sure to provide updates on this as it moves closer to reality. JohnS 


Love this. I have a very busy life and am always misplacing my cards. Knowing I have the power to turn the account off until I have it in my possession again would give me so much peace of mind.