Free checks for loyal members

It would be nice if BECU could offer free checks to their loyal customers. I have had other banks offer me similar benifits after being a customer for a few years.


Love this idea because when I got checks for the first time, I was never told there would be a cost.  Might be good to reduce the number of books in an order.  I only needed checks for some infrequent purchases.  I didnt need many, but I had to order the standard volume.  Most people dont use checks anymore, and having tons of extra books around is a risk factor in my opinion.

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I agree with Stephanie, it would be especially nice if you could order a specific amount of checks. Nowadays checks are rarely used, but are necessary once in awhile. I'd definitely prefer to be able to order a specific amount of pads of checks rather than being required to order a whole box. 

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Good morning @sashankt. We love our members and truly value your loyalty! While free checks is a request we hear from some members, the demand is small. As a member-owned cooperative we give back to our members in the form of checking accounts that are free of monthly maintenance fees, that require no minimum balances and simultaneously allow members to access their accounts in different ways free of charge. As a result, there are no immediate plans to start offering free checks.


What about offering fewer books in an order? I have moved recently and so my address is not right. I'm not sure how long i'll be here so I don't want a bunch of check books with the wrong address again. 

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 Hi @DesiAndLegs. We do offer checks in what's called a "Mini Pak" through our vendor, Deluxe. This comes with 25 duplicate checks, and because of the small amount the vendor charges more than a full order of checks, ringing in at $16.71 including shipping costs. A full order of 120 duplicate checks run $14.75. If you're running out of checks, I would just order a full box to save money. However, if you still have checks with your old address they will work just fine, so hanging on to those is an option as well. JohnS