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Free Offerings by BECU

The free offerings by BECU can be instrumental in getting people motivated to use the credit union. I'd like to see BECU offer, at select times, a free offering to use the change counter at the main office locations. I know that I, and hopefully others, collect change as a manner of saving. Over a period of time, I've collected a rather large amount of change and would very much appreciate a free offering to count that change and input it to my desired account at BECU.
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Free use of the CoinStar machines would be wonderful!  I imagine a future where these coin-counting machines sit next to ATMs in a number of the neighborhood financial centers, not just the full-service branch in Tukwila.  Then, if the machines were to print a check instead of a credit slip, I could go to the adjacent ATM and deposit that check into my account.  If CoinStar will not print checks, perhaps the software which runs BECU ATMs could be updated to allow deposits of the credit slips in addition to checks and cash.


I would propose that each member of BECU, be able to use the CoinStar machine once per year. In order to spread this out among members, it should be allowed any time during ones birthday month. Once per year = FREE!


I like your idea and wish for it to succeed. Now if only BECU listens to us!

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@tex777- We've recently completed an extensive analysis on the cost/benefit of "free" coin star and the overall benefit to the entire membership. At this time, while we do not have plans to remove the coin star fee completely, we are exploring other ways to absorb some of the cost and potentially offer the service at a reduced fee pricing. 


Stay tuned here for updates or if we are looking for additional feedback on ways to enhance that experience. Cheers, KristinA 

As this is a "member owned" entity, I propose allowing each member to use the change machine once per year on the week of their birthday!! Let's vote

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Sound Credit Union offers free coin counting machines service to members free of charge. It seems odd that BECU would be unable to provide the same service.