Fraud Protection - Email Alerts For Credit Card & Debit Card Use

If my online accounts such as Paypal or Google Wallet have activity, I am immediately notified when a transaction takes place. This allows me to verify my own purchases are being processed correctly, and also serves as an early warning system if someone has fraudulently used my account. I would like to see this same functionality built into the BECU credit cards and debit cards as an option that the user can turn on or off through user preferences in the BECU online banking portal.


As someone who has been the victim of identity theft on two occasions, I can confirm that this would have been the quickest way to have been alerted to the activity in order to call the bank and intervene. The model is already in place for companies like Paypal and Google, so there should not be any reinventing the wheel, just copy what they are doing and allow the user to choose which email address to send the alerts to.


I second this idea, keep your customers safe.. With all the fraud, this should already be in place.

Thank you, great idea!


I would like to see a listing of my recent Visa transactions that are not on the most recent Visa statement. I would like to see this in real time.

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Would like to see an option where all snail mail communication from BECU could come via email or SMS alerts. E.g. Account notifications, Cards mailed out notification, NSF Notices, New Interest Rate on account, etc.
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@Ericag76- Thanks for joining the MIX and sharing your idea! I do know that we don't plan to expand SMS/text communication, but I will be interested to see how the community responds to the idea of more email.


Occasionally we're *required* to send snail mail, but we've also recently heard from members and through opt-out data that members think we send too much email. Thanks for starting this conversation! Cheers, KristinA 


I just recently just had my wallet stolen. No fun! When cancelling my card with another FI, I got a confirmation email that the card was cancelled and that a new card was ordered and when to expect the card and next steps.  I then got an additional email when the card was mailed.  This was very helpful and comforting status update son that I could watch the mail for the card.  Would love to see BECU do something similar. 

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@Ericag76- What a bummer, but it sounds like your experience was smooth. Reassurance is such an important element during stressful times like having your wallet stolen. I'd love to see more community support for this idea! Cheers, KristinA 

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@DWhipple- We've been evaluating the feasibility and agree these enhancements make sense for our membership. We're currently looking into self-managed preferences in online banking but don't have a confirmed timeline yet. This is on our radar! Cheers, KristinA 


It would be nice to have instant notification to my email or device of purchases or payments from my VISA or debit cards. I have a few accounts outside of BECU that use this service, once designated by me for the specific online account. This would benefit me greatly. I do not know about other BECU members, but I reside and travel abroad. These notices would make my credit cards more secure because I would know instantly via email or mobile notification that there has been a purchase. With my BECU card, I do not know for several days of the charge and then I have to investigate. If the charges are fraudulent, I must cancel the card and then wait for the new card to arrive via postal mail. This is quite a hassle because the incident mentioned above has occurred before. I would feel safer, if I knew these transactions and payments were instantaneous, instead of a few business days or even one business day later. Thanks