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Fraud Detection Company

I recently had fraudulent withdrawals on my debit card. Luckily it was caught right away and within a week the funds were replenished by BECU.  My only issue was that the call I received from the company that does the fraud monitoring for BECU didn't feel as professional and clear as I would expect.  Once I heard there was fraud on my account I became suspicious that the call was actually fraudulent.  It was especially suspicous once the company and they handed me over to BECU and I had to repeat a lot of the same information.  I think there needs to be a more seemless transition between the two companies to put members at ease.  Even having the call from the fraud monitoring company show up as a BECU number would be reassuring.

Community Manager

Hi @COURTY713, It's never fun when fraud occurs and I'm happy to hear we handled it swiftly. I'm sorry to hear your interaction with us during this stressful time was not reassuring. I appreciate your feedback and will definitely be sharing your comments with my partners in the Contact Center and fraud teams. Have a great weekend! JohnS




I had the same experience two days ago! I got a call from a security person that asked if I made a recent charge - which I hadn't. Then they said they would forward me to BECU to have them turn my card off. So I was forwarded and the BECU person said how can I help you. They had no context of what was happening. So I told them and they said they turned my card off and that I would get a new one in the mail. However I just looked again today and I saw another charge! So I called back and then they said that my card was actually never turned off in the first place! Is it standard policy for the security person to forward your call to an actual BECU employee, or was this whole thing a scam??

Community Manager

I’m sorry this was your experience @quietcoyote. Yes, it is standard practice that our security team will transfer the call to our Member Services Contact Center for further assistance after you've verified the transaction(s) in question. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t successfully shut down your card the first time and that you had to call back again because of it. I hope we have since been able to fully resolve this for you. If you have any outstanding questions, please let me know. Thanks! JohnS


@JohnS It appears that the card was already cancelled. The late night security services people just had misinformation I suppose. Anyways all is well. I still think it should instead be standard that you are NOT forwarded to someone but that they ask that you immediately call BECU directly. Just a thought! Thank you Robot Happy