Financial Seminars

Another credit union used to offer in house seminars with light snacks once a month and it was always full. Topics ranged from basics on buying a home to building or establishing credit, etc... Online is convenient but in person allows immediate Q&A. It's a great way to let members know about your services and rates as well as assisting them in making informed financial decisions. 


For example, I asked some institution recently if they offered secured credit cards and the CS rep wasn't sure. That would be another idea if you don't already offer them or have good rewards set up.

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@MM- We agree and we do offer in-person financial education seminars as well as online. You can check them out here to see what topics are currently available in-person and at which locations.


Your idea has me thinking of ways to make the online seminars more interactive to accommodate immediate Q&A- any ideas? Cheers, KristinA