Examples how Planning and Investment Services has helped and serviced other BECU members

I think it would be great is BECU exposed more examples of how Investment and Planning services helped other BECU members (shared with permission of course)  There are probably bit and pieces of this info that I could find if I searched really hard, but it sure would be nice to see examples of how this significant arm of BECU is helping other members.  Somethings besides "why don't you schedule an appointment and we'll take a look at your scenario..."

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@Muzak66- Thanks for such an insightful idea! We love highlighting our members and their stories, why not more so with those who have benefited from our Investment and Wealth Services?


We've shared your idea with our partners in Marketing and Investment Services, if we learn of any new opportunities or new marketing campaigns, we'll update you here first. Cheers, KristinA 

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