Everyone wants to shorten time at the ATM

Here's how it works. First you open your BECU app go to the digital ATM. Second, you pre-withdrawal a certain amount of cash while waiting in line or before leaving the house. Third you take the same concept as Apple Pay and hover your phone over the ATM and receive your cash. By pre-setting a withdrawal amount this is guaranteed to shorten wait length at the drive-thru ATM and any ATM out there for BECU Members.
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Status changed to: Under BECU Review

Hey @jdm_crisp


Nobody likes waiting - we want your experience at the ATM as effortless and quick as possible. We've been working with our partners to determine the requirements for supporting the mobile prestaging of ATM withdrawals.  So yes, this is on the radar and possibly coming to an ATM near you.


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Status changed to: Under BECU Review

We think this is a cool idea too, @jdm_crisp. Check out what's in the works here. Thanks for posting your idea!


Other Banks across the industry are developing or have rolled out the ability to make ATM transactions using your mobile phone. No ATM card required. The banks still can provide a Debit Card for those stores that still only use older technology. But at a BECU ATM, a cardless transaction authenticated with the phone or potentially a companion smart watch would be a great improvement.

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Status changed to: Further Consideration

Hi @jdm_crisp After evaluating this idea, it’s been determined that we won’t be moving forward with the prestaging of ATM transactions through the mobile app at this point. You can check out more details about this in our latest blog post, here, along with other upcoming ATM enhancements. Thanks! JohnS