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Electronic Notarization

I was so pleased to discover that the services of BECU notaries public are free to members. I would love it if you added electronic notarization to the services. It is legal in Washington, more secure, and the process concept seems largely the same as physical paper. An official digital stamp to attached​ electronically to the signatures, the document is made tamper evident, and the notary records the transaction in a ledger file. The time and postage saved would be immense!
BECU Employee

@Flyushkifly- Thanks joining the MIX and sharing your idea, it's intriguing! Are you familiar with other companies that offer electronic notary? It will be good to hear of the experiences of others as well! Cheers, KristinA 


I would love this also. BECU has always seemed like the leader in banking from home, and this would be one more way to do that!


 I am a notary and am unaware of this. Can you please tell me where in the RCWs or WAC this information is provided?

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