Up until a couple months ago, BECU had a partnership with Rite Aid that provided access to a ton more ATMs than are now available. BECU just ended that relationship without any consultation with their members or research into how that might affect them. 


For those of us in the south end of Seattle, there are NO banking options. We have to drive at least 20 min to get to an ATM now, and a look at a calendar of banking options displays the absolutely abysmal avaiability in certain neighborhoods, while others have giant clusters. Has any real thought been given to how to provide better coverage?


I would be remiss to not mention that the Rainier Beach area of the city is one of the last heavily minority population neighborhoods in the city. Feels like a real miss for BECU to completely ignore this and the needs of the south end.


Besides, Boeing is based near here. Why the complete lack of coverage for nearby neighborhoods?


BECU is a predominantly ATM-based user experience, so ensuring good even coverage is crucial for members.

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Hi @4endymion

Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. Ending our partnership with Rite Aid was not an easy decision for us to make. After thorough consideration we made the decision to offer our ATM reimbursement program,  giving our members who have Member Advantage accounts a refund of up to $6 per month on out of network ATM fees. The number of members we are able to reach with this program exceeds the number of members who were using the Rite Aid ATMs, bringing more value to a broader slice of BECU members. You’re still welcome to continue using the machines at Rite Aid locations and if you’re a Member Advantage member you qualify for the monthly fee refund.


Our Retail and ATM teams continually assess our location footprint and consider multiple indicators when determining placement of new branches and ATMs. Here’s a few of the factors we take into account;


  • Necessity to relieve pressure on current ATM/branch locations
  • Existing member density and potential for future member growth
  • Proximity to our core market areas
  • Access to CO-OP or other Surcharge-Free ATMs within the market
  • Cost/Benefit in relation to the overall membership
  • Availability of ATM sites that meet our requirements:
    • Good access from a traffic perspective
    • Good visibility
    • The location has the space required for the ATM
    • Reasonable ability to get utilities to the ATM sites

Your feedback is valuable and I’ve already shared your concerns internally, so thank you for your candid comments!



 You created an ATM reimbursement program?  This information is  well hidden here.  I walked into Rite Aide and saw that BECU no longer owned the ATM, so I walked out.  If I had known there's a reimbursement program, I might have used that ATM.  I followed the link in your note, Reiners.  It doesn't go to the program.  Why all the secrecy?

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