Drive through ATM's

I'd love to see more drive through ATM's.  The only one I've seen is in Bonney Lake.

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Welcome to the community @slrowland63! Thanks for sharing your feedback about having more drive through ATMs - I'll be sure to share your feedback. We evaluate several things when we consider adding new ATMs and locations and we have an article that explains all those details here. Thanks again for posting, have a great evening! JohnS


I recently moved to North Tacoma from Tukwila, where I used the drive through ATM for most of my branch functions (I have difficulty walking).  Although there are 2 BECU ATMS in North Tacoma (1 is a mere half mile from home), neither are drive up.  I hnow thet are nit cheap, but a drive up ATM would greatly increase my BECU activity.  Shared credit unions aren't really an option, they require an in branch transaction, defeating the purpose of the ATM.

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