Discounts and easy purchase/exchange of gift cards for members

There are a lot of new services popping up that allow users to exchange gift cards, trade in change for gift cards with no fee, and or negotiated discounts for subscribers. Suggest BECU undertake a survey of such services, and gauge whether members would be interested in this service. With 1 million members, BECU should be able to attract the attention of these service providers, or sponsor a fintech startup to explore the opportunity for the co-op model.

Community Manager

@bellpe Thanks for sharing! I always get stuck with a couple bucks (or change) left on gift cards and find myself hoarding them until I can combine with another gift card to drain the remaining balance. I'll be interested to see how the community responds to your idea. Thanks, JohnS

Community Manager
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@bellpe We won't be exploring this idea as we are discontinuing the sale of gift cards as of Oct 22 and this doesn't align with our current strategy. JohnS