Detached Homeownership is Out of Reach - Support Cooperatives through Banking

Hi. I'm a thirty-year old that has been trying to find a bank that offers home loans to a group of friends and families that want to buy a large house or small apartment building to live together, especially when homes are out of reach and rent continues to escalate. 


Will BECU start offering co-op friendly loans? Can BECU start a progressive programs that is community focused, environmentally friendly, progressive? I can see so many of my generation (and maybe even older ones) take advantage of this since there is no longer such a thing as a "starter home." I don't need a large house - I just want some stability among people that love me. I don't want to get priced out!


It's also one way to encourage the values of cooperatives, quell climate change (71% of Seattle's carbon emitions are from passenger transportation - because we live to far from where we want to go), and stabilize communities.


Myra, from Seattle, WA 


to me this is not a good idea

Community Manager

Thanks for sharing! I've passed this on to our lending team and will be sure to share any new information.