Debt/Credit Card Recycling/Secure Take Back

Hi, I wanted to suggest that BECU offers a take back program for used debit and credit cards of all kinds for their members. You could partner with a group already doing credit and gift card recycling like Earthworks Systems as mentioned in this article:


Cards could be shredded onsite when a member returns them for added security - the shreds could still be sent to be recycled into new cards.


Additionally, BECU could source recycled PVC for the cards themselves and we'd all be impacting the environment less.

BECU Employee

 @khamis- Thanks for the detailed idea, we'll be sure to check out the link you shared! I'm looking forward to seeing what the community thinks about this idea. Cheers, KristinA 


I like this idea. Especially with many cardholders having had early replacements to be upgraded to the chip cards, I think this would be valuable.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Not Right For Us

@khamis Wer'e not ready to spearhead a program like you're proposing, but we appreciate your thoughtful idea and you can always bring your old card to any of our locations to have them safely destroyed. JohnS