Debit only card.

I had a debit card with no chip for years until I was forced to upgrade. Not long after upgrading my debit card to this "more secure" card my card information was stolen somehow and someone spent almost $800 a week before Christmas at Victoria Secret in San Francisco. Not all at once, they first made a $400 purcahse, then returned and made another $300+ purchase because the store wasn't ID'ing people and since the debit card is techincally a debit/credit card and can be run as credit theives don't have to worry about a pin number. I think it would be fantastic if I could have my checking account linked to a debit only card that required my pin no matter what without the option of being used as credit.


This whole incident made for a pretty sad Christmas and I felt obligated to open a real credit card to carry for traveling because I have to worry about my debit card being stolen and used without my pin and the lengthy hassle it was to dispute a purchase made with real digital money instead of fake digital money.

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Good morning @Valakai! Welcome to the MIX and thanks for sharing your story! I'm sorry you had to deal with fraud on your debit card during the holidays - it's never convenient and certainly not something any of us enjoy dealing with. We, at one time, offered an ATM/Point-of-Sale card up until a few years ago. It was no longer feasible for us to offer both an ATM/POS card along with Debit MasterCard's so we made the decision to discontinue the ATM/POS card. Debit MasterCard included a host of benefits, one being fraud protection. When EMV (chip-enabled) technology came along we were required to comply with federal regulations, which is why your card was updated with the chip. We still offer regular ATM cards, which we can link your checking to as well, but they only work in the ATM. If you're concerned with carrying a physical card, a great option is to load your card into a Digital Wallet (ie. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, etc). It's safe, secure and really easy! You can learn more about those options here. Thanks again for sharing! JohnS