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Debit card PIN changes for out of state customers

Currently unless you live near a BECU ATM there's no way you change your debit card pin number. For out of state members this is frustrating. Please streamline this process via our online account like other institutions

Yes this is SO difficult. This is my only credit union and I live in Texas so we have no BECU branches here. If I forget my pin (and I have!) My only option is to wait a week or two for the mail. Thank God I havent needed to get cash out of an ATM! There must be some way to safely do this online, I mean it's 2018 and we have smart homes for goodness sake! Robot Happy 

Community Manager
Status changed to: In Development

I can understand how this would be frustrating, especially if you're not close to a BECU ATM or branch. The good news is our Digital team has begun work on this idea. Stay tuned here for updates! Have a great afternoon! JohnS