Debit and credit card security.

I think that our photos should be on our cards. It would certainly make it hard to use any place other than the internet.

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I support this, wonderful idea! Thank you !


As you know, Costco Citi (and, previously, American Express) cards have this feature. I support BECU adding it, also.


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This has certainly been a popular route that other financial institutions have taken, @revrk59. Right now, this just isn't right for us. Most fraud occurs with no card present, which means that even if your picture was on your card the fraudsters would still be able to commit fraud on your account - scary to think about, but please don't worry - BECU has your back! We've invested in other options to enhance the security of your debit and credit cards (think EMV chip-enabled card). One thing we may consider offering in the future is the option to select a personalized design for your cards. As always, we'll keep our members in-the-know as we introduce new features.


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I have also suggested this idea in person and would still suggest that this be done regardless of the excuse given for why no to do it.  The only time my account was used fraudulently was when someone stole my card.   If a card with my photo had been stolen and used and there had been a picture it would have been the sole resposibility of the business that didn't check ID to be reponsible for the money.  While it wasn't a BECU card, it would have been the same result if I had BECU at the time.

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@Angela- Thanks for joining and sharing your experience. Cheers, KristinA