Debit and Credit Card Awards Points

It would be great if BECU offered free debit and credit cards that earn awards points for each dollar spent using the card(s) that can be used to redeem for gift cards, cash back (deposits into BECU Savings), Amazon, Netflix, etc.  This product would turn my BECU cards into my primary cards instead of just for ATM withdraws and emergency uses. 


Smiley Happy They already do this if you pay the annual fee for the Rewards program.

BECU Employee
Status changed to: In Development

@SeattleLola- Check out our Featured Pursuit on Rewards Programs here and take the Quick Survey on your preferences. We're working on an exciting new debit card rewards program.


You can also check out the past Featured Pursuit on Credit Card Rewards here.


And thanks @azvinzant for chiming in on our existing features! Cheers, KristinA

Community Manager
Status changed to: Idea Built

Hi @SeattleLola We just launched our new BECU Visa Rewards credit card with cash back with no annual fee. Please check out all the benefits here. We're still exploring ways to enhance our debit card and Member Advantage programs. Stay tuned for more! JohnS