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Customer Service Call Backs

I get the perspective that BECU doesn't want their reps in the branches to receive calls directly, as this may distract their attention from a propspective member or current member who just may be sitting in front of them at that that moment.  However, although I am a new member, the times that I have been in the branch, the reps have NOT all been busy with prospects or members.  Even when they are, a simple diversion to a rep's individual voice mail, in which the call could then be returned when the rep is freed up, would keep us members from needing to tell our life story all over again to someone new to get the info we need...often just something, some quick and simple answer to a short question is all that's needed.  However, unless we can talk to our rep who already knows all the details, then what should and could be a quick, simple call becomes a long, drawn out conversation, of which details would then need to be communicated back to the rep by someone not familiar with the scenario...and that's how things get messed up and mistakes get made.  The more people in the loop, the more errors occur.  It's a simple fact of human nature.  Frankly, I do not believe that the branch reps are so overwhelmed with face-to-face clients that they cannot manage individual business calls from members.