Crowd-Sourced Incubator for Businesses

Set up an internal crowd-source business funding tool to generate funds for BECU business clients. Only BECU members would have the opportunity to fund business initiatives. BECU could have members vote on the best initiatives and provide the top ideas with seed funds. BECU could provide education and support in financial matters and members could consult on technology, HR, strategy, etc. The business group would become a small business incubator exclusively for members and leverage the extensive experience of other members to help them succeed. A win- win-win for all involved!
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Hey @CyberCowboy, we were interested in this idea since we’d heard about it before. We've shared the idea internally and based on previous evaluation, it appears there’s more risk and legal considerations involved than we’re comfortable taking on at this time when we're thinking of our entire membership. Thanks for thinking outside the box with this one! JohnS