Cross-Credit Union Banking Expansion

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I know BECU does some cross-credit union banking (Is there a better term for this?), I was once able to deposit a check into my BECU account at a WSECU branch about 10 years ago.


I really hope you guys can expand on this.  I live in Kingston, and I use the local Kitsap Credit Union Branch's ATM often to get cash without getting hit with a fee.  It's great, and very convenient.  The only problem is, if I need to deposit a check, I have to drive 30 mins to Silverdale, which is quite out of my way.  I do, of course know about picture deposit on the BECU app, but I generally prefer to make my deposits directly, and being able to cross-bank with KCU could be awesome.


I debated closing my BECU account and moving to KCU, just for convenience.  But I've got a good thing going with you guys and don't want to mess with it.  Please make banking with you more convenient!  


(This problem could also be solved by opening up a Kingston branch.  There's retail space here, too!



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Can you not deposit a check to your BECU account using the Kitsap Credit Union ATM?  I know that I can use a BECU atm to make a deposit to my KCU account.

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@hybriddivide- I thought this sounded familiar- I realized we emailed about this already! Just wanted to let the other MIXers know your location request has been passed along to the right folks to be added for evaluation. Cheers, Kristin


even a standalone deposit-capable ATM here would be great (i'm also in kingston).

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@briannastuart- Thanks for sharing your voice here! We do have a Co-Op ATM in Kingston which takes deposits- it's located at:


8196 NE State Highway 104

Kingston, WA 98346


In the meantime, be assured we've added Kingston to the ATM location list for evaluation. Cheers, KristinA