Credit Card tied to Checking Account

All other banks I have banked with offer overdraft protection between one's checking account and credit card account with the same bank.


At BECU, I have a checking account, and a credit card, but there is no way to make my credit card the default for picking up overdrafts. Why?

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Having a Line of Credit linked to your account can act as overdraft protection. If an overdraft hits the LOC you incur a few cents in interest, but there's no cost to have the LOC account

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@cdewald, we recommend setting up overdraft protection from a savings or money market account, or line of credit. Aside from system limitations, one of the reasons we chose not to offer a credit card as overdraft protection was due to the cash advance fee, it didn't seem beneficial to our membership or in its best interest. Now that the cash advance fee has been eliminated, our Product team is interested in evaluating this offering again down the road so thanks for the suggestion! 


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@cdewald- We're revisiting your idea to offer the option to link your BECU credit card to your checking account for overdraft protection. Take a look at the open idea exchange and feature ranking survey to weigh in on this, you can find it in the Give Us Your Input section of the community here. Cheers, KristinA