Credit Card Auto-Payment via external accounts


Can we please allow Auto-Payments to BECU credit cards via external accounts. I don’t personally think members should be limited to BECU Checking/Savings or Money Market accounts to Auto-Pay their BECU Credit Cards.


I agree. 


Yes, No, Maybe????


Personally would be awesome and I don't think much work. Maybe just a "flick" of a switch lol Robot Happy 

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Hi All - thank you for the conversation on this topic. We've had similar discussions on loan payments in other idea threads. On the surface, it does seem like an easy fix and I wish I could flip the switch and make it happen. The truth is, it's more complicated than that. This is important and we are having discussions internally, so thank you for adding to the broader conversation. 


In the meantime, there is a workaround that will enable you to make your Visa payments with money from another bank. Here's what you'll need to do;


1. Visit and open the Account Management drop-down menu.

2. Complete ACH DEBIT AUTHORIZATION AGREEMENT – CONSUMER (by selecting "eSign" you're able to complete and submit right online.)

3. Open the Credit Cards and Loans drop-down menu and select the VISA AUTOMATIC PAYMENT CHANGE REQUEST (by selecting "eSign" you're able to complete and submit right online.)


Please let me know if you have any questions. JohnS





If I complete steps (1-3) this will allow my external financial institution to be debited automatically the total statement balance of my BECU Credit Card monthly?


I ask because step (3) states "I hereby AUTHORIZE the Credit Union to deduct funds from the below BECU account to make my Visa payment." but doesn't allow me to insert my external financial institutions routing and/or account number.


Can I speak with a Member Loan representative who can step me through this process so I don't mess anything up? I would very much dislike if I completed these steps and got a (30) day late report on my credit and/or late payment charge to my future BECU Visa. This is the only thing holding me back from applying for a BECU Cash Back Visa Robot Sad 


Thank you!

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Great questions! The Debit Authorization Agreement allows you to set up a fixed dollar amount each month to be taken from another bank. It won't automatically know what the total monthly statement balance is on your Visa, it simply allows us to transfer money from your other financial institution to be on deposit in your BECU account and available to make your Visa payment (automatically if you complete the Visa Automatic Payment Change Request.). Any of our reps will be happy to walk you through the process and answer any further questions - we want you to avoid any late payments as well! You can reach us at 800-233-2328. 


Have a great day!