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Create a BECUniversity

Create a online forum where members can go to learn about the complex financial products BECU offers in a video learning format.  It can cover the process and documents needed to open these financial accounts, documents needed for a typical mortgage, etc.  Also, make some of the webinars and seminars available online so members can view them at their convienience.  


You could also host a youtube broadcast where members could submit real-time streaming questions with financial advisors where we wouldn't have to call in or visit local branches.

BECU Employee

Thanks for sharing this great idea! There's a similar suggestion in the Savings Plan pursuit, check it out and share your thoughts! 


Good idea, many of us do not have the time to go to a class or seminar.


Love this idea. I use YouTube and constantly for how-to instructional videos. There are great models in the corporate world, too -- REI records short new product videos using staff members. They are short but effective for answering basic questions. 

BECU Employee
Status changed to: In Development

@teescar1- We love the idea of an online forum and are actively looking into making recorded webinars available. Our Financial Education area loved your idea around an online broadcast/Q&A, so we may be reaching out to the other MIXers for ideas on how to make that idea come to life! Cheers, KristinA

Would it be possible for BECU to create online classes accessible anytime for all members? A sort of "On Demand" line up...
Community Manager

Hey @Farmgirl1 thanks for sharing. Currently, we do have a library of seminars and webinars on our website that you can schedule based on what works best with your schedule; you can find those here. We also have a few self-paced courses available here. As we continue to add to and expand this library, we'll keep you posted here. Have a great day! JohnS 

Community Manager
Status changed to: Further Consideration

Hi all, I just wanted to provide a quick update on the status of this idea. We've recently started Facebook Live sessions where we have real-time Q&A open to all our followers, and the topics change, so be on the look-out for more of these to come! We're constantly iterating on educational content to include in our webinars & seminars online. While we have topics available around budgeting, home buying and investments, there's an opportunity to continue the conversation with our Financial Education team to expand our offerings in this area. We'll keep you posted with any future updates. Thanks! JohnS


I found this Website targeting college students very useful. However, you have to be either associated with a school or organization to get into the program. Is it possible for BECU & UW to partner to offer this curriculum to UW students w/BECU accounts:

Community Manager

@EDU_Champ Great question, thanks for sharing this! I've sent your comments and link over to our Financial Educator lead and will let you know what I find out. Have a great afternoon! JohnS

Community Manager

Hi All! I heard back from our lead Financial Educator and learned that the team is looking at developing new content that is bite-sized, just-in-time, and relevant to members in their various life stages. Ultimately, our goal is to develop content to make it easy for our members to take action towards improving their financial health, specifically around how you spend, save, borrow, and plan. We’ll also be looking at the best formats to deliver the content, including video. Stay tuned for more! Have a great weekend. JohnS