Could BECU replace Quicken Software that would integrate with their on line banking.

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Good morning @littletex9!  Can you please share some additional details about your idea? What are you trying to accomplish? Is there functionality you're missing with Quicken, or is it simply an integration concern within Online Banking? A lot of questions, thanks for indulging me. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! JohnS


When I use BECU bill pay and enter a payment THAT IS PAID AT A LATER DATE, I then make the same entry into Quicken. It would be great to make one entry in billpay and have it POSTED IN MY QUICKEN REGISTRY IN ADVANCE OF PAYMENT rather than being posted or reconciled after the payment is made. It would also be great if BECU offered software to replace Quicken. 

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Thanks for the details @littletex9 , that helps! Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to do that with Quicken because their software is simply scraping your information directly from the account history, which wouldn’t reflect the funds withdrawn from your account until the funds actually leave. Also, Quicken doesn’t grab any bill payment information directly, only in the form of transactions from your account which is why it can’t read directly from Bill Pay when you enter it. At this time we don’t currently have any plans to replace Quicken. Thanks for sharing and keep the ideas coming! JohnS