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Contactless Visa Cards?

Citibank's Costco Visa cards have contactless capability which means I can just tap my Visa card on the POS terminal at Costco to make a payment (I don't need to insert the card into the terminal). Will BECU be implementing contactless Visa cards soon?



Community Manager

Hi @cohoman! Thanks for starting the conversation around tap-and-go Visa cards and sharing your experience with Costco. We know there will be more focus on this payment method in the near future, so your question is timely! I shared your comments with our Product team and, while we're currently evaluating this payment technology, we do not have any immediate plans to provide contactless debit or credit cards. We'll definitely be keeping a pulse on community support of this idea and will keep you in the loop on any new developments. Thanks! JohnS


Contactless has been popular overseas in Australia, Europe and Asia for years.  When I was in Italy they tried to do the tap with my BECU visa and they were surprised when I told them this card didn't support it.  So as a result I don't really use my BECU visa for overseas trips as much as I use my Costco Citi Visa.


 Thumbs up for this! More and more people are using tap 'n' go.. I would use my Debit and Credit card more if they had it (I use my AmEx card for contactless purchases now but would prefer to use BECU more)