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Coin deposits

I ended up with a huge handful of dollar coins recently from a hospital parking machine that only provided dollar coins and when I stopped in to convert them to currency. I was told that there is a coinstar but it charges almost 10%. I went to my other CU, WSECU,  and they had a machine that takes the coins like coinstar but you can either deposit or receive cash at no charge. I wish this had been available at my primary CU BECU.

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Status changed to: Good news! We have this!

Hi @kennethcameron, welcome to the MIX and thanks for sharing your experience here. When you use the Coinstar machines located at our main Financial Centers in Tukwila and Everett and opt to make a deposit to a Minor or UTMA account or select the "eGift card" option, there is no fee.  If you have any questions, please let us know. Thanks! JohnS


It's a long way between Everett and Tukwila so having a couple inbetween with quick access off of I-5 would be great.  


Just visited the Everett Financial Center, and found that it is not true that you can "opt to make a deposit to your BECU account ... there is no fee".  There is no option for a no-fee deposit, and we were forced to select the Gift Card option to avoid the fee.  The Customer Service gal explained that there is a no-fee deposit option if you're depositing into some sort of starter savings account (for kids?), but not otherwise.


Thanks for getting closer, but an option to deposit into a regular savings or checking would be best.

- Mia


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@MiaBoteler Welcome to the MIX and thank you for sharing your experience depositing coin through CoinStar. Please accept my apologies. In my initial response, I failed to include that deposits need to be made to a minor account to avoid a fee. I've since corrected my original statement. The other way to avoid the CoinStar fee is by rolling your coin and depositing directly with a teller. Depending on how much loose coin you have will determine whether this is something you wish to take on. Again, apologies for my miscommunication. Have a great day! JohnS