Coin counters

I would love to see coin counters make rounds to outlying stores so that we can deposit our change. This would boost deposits too!

@JohnS Thank you so much for the update!!  I'm so excited!  I love BECU!!!  

Could you share with us the charities we can donate to on Coinstar?


Community Manager

We're excited too @smdiabla! Currently, there are eight options available:


The United Way

Feeding America

Trick-or-Treat For UNICEF

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals    

American Red Cross

The Humane Society

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

World Wildlife Fund


There's also an option to select other charities and we're currently looking into how other charities are added to that list. Stay tuned for more details! JohnS 


With the CoinStar, does it still take a percentage of your coins and keep it? Or is this a specific BECU coin counter? I've used the one in the Tukwila branch before and it kept a percentage of what I brought, so I was wondering if it still did that or if that has changed too.

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@smdiabla Wanted to circle back with additional information about donating to charities through Coinstar. Right now the only charities are the eight I listed previously. The option to select "other" is limited to use by charities who may use our machine to deposit change that's been donated to them. It's not an area our members can select to give to other charities. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! JohnS

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Hi @swelch, the Coinstar machines at our locations do charge a discounted fee of 8.9%, which is lower than the regular US processing fee of 10% and is taken from the total amount processed. If you're planning on spending the money you bring to the coinstar machine, one option to avoid paying a fee is by opting to trade your coins for an egift card. You can find out details about that here. Thanks! JohnS

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Status changed to: Not Right For Us

Hi @warnold062. We recently completed our feasibility evaluation for this idea, and we've determined we won't be adding additional Coinstar machines. This is due to many factors, primarily costs associated and space constraints within our NFC footprint. Thanks for allowing us the time to thoroughly explore and review. JohnS


I would also love this.  NW Community credit union in Oregon has coin counters in their lobbies for members.  

I would love to see coin counters make rounds to outlying stores so that we can deposit our change. This would boost deposits too!



Hi, asking for the Bellevue community - could we get a Coinstar machine or coin counter added to a branch here? Tukwila is a bit far to travel and there is a large Bellevue branch office with plenty of space. Thanks for considering!

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Status changed to: Further Consideration

Thanks all for the additional comments. Since there's been additional community support for this idea, I circled back with our Retail team and learned that we’re exploring adding more Coinstar locations. There are no firm plans just yet and I’ll keep you all in the loop as plans develop. Thanks! JohnS 


Everyone has a bunch of coins sitting around .  Existing options for cashing these coins are poor (currently coinstar charges 11.9%!). I think BECU should provide coin counting machines at all major sites, to be accessed free by BECU members only.  This would generate new membership and provide a very useful service to members.  It would also take money that is currently out of circulation and put it back into BECU accounts.  So big benefit to you BECU as well as us.  Lets do this!!