Change the sequence on the ATMs

When my first bank initially provided ATM service, if you wanted to take out money, you would

  1. Make the request
  2. Get your card back (before)
  3. Get your cash 

This was more secure.  First, I would never leave the ATM without my card.  Secondly, no one could bash me over hte head and remove more money.  Your sequence leaves the card in the machine, and people do leave their cards in them allowing anyone else to come by and request cash.  When you take cash from a machine, you do not want to hang around.   This sequence is unsafe to the physical safety of users as well as their accounts.



This makes sense to me unless you have to "re-authenticate" by inserting card & pin to do another transaction.  That said, I don't want to have someone come up behind me and continue to use my session, if I walk away with my card, cash, and receipt, but fail to touch the "end session" button.


Great idea. A no-brainer.


I'd like to see something like they have in parts of Europe and the US, in that when using an ATM you slide your card in, type in your pin, then must REMOVE your card before completing the rest of your transaction. This eliminates the possibility of leaving your card behind. If you wait too long before completing the transaction, it automatically logs out, preventing someone else from using your account.


I love this idea - I've lost 2 or 3 debit cards to ATMs in my life and this simple measure would prevent the issue outright.

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@Ryq- Thanks for the idea on the sequencing. In discussions with our ATM provider and processor, we learned that unfortunately it is not supported functionality at this time. We will continue to look for ways to improve this, and in early testing of a newer ATM it appears that the receipt and card are being returned faster so it is something we will continue to monitor and strive to improve as we make enhancements to our ATMs.

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Status changed to: Further Consideration

@Grego- Thanks for the additional detail on this idea, it is similar to this idea here if you'd like to check out the response. Cheers, KristinA

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Hi all,


So I am totally borrowing from some other financial institutions but I know a good idea when I see one!


We all get caught up in the 500 things we need to do every day and this sometimes causes us to leave our debit cards inside the ATM as we walk away with the cash we need.  This causes inconvenience in either the time needed to go to a branch for a replacement or the frustration of not having a card for a week or more. 


Why not program the ATM's to hold on to the cash until it detects the debit card has been removed from the dispenser?  I can't remember a time where someone has walked away from the ATM but forgot the cash they came in to withdraw. Smiley Wink


I know this has been programed on some similar/same model NCR ATM's at other institutions so it would seem to be something that could be easily implemented and save members some time and effort as well as save a bunch of plastic!


Just an idea!




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Hey @Ryq Thanks for sharing this idea with the MIX. We've determined which functionality we're moving forward with and you can read more about it here. This time around, the enhancements do not change the sequencing on the ATMs but you'll see we've made many privacy and security improvements. JohnS