Change QuickBooks OFX Direct Connect Settings for Credit Cards



My Idea/Request is related to how BECU is creating their .QBO file or their QuickBooks OFX Direct Connect file for download from your website and when QuickBooks performs it's DirectConnect to download the file and interact with BECU.


The issue:

BECU is reporting that a Credit Card is a 'Credit Line' or 'Line of Credit'. The issue is that in QuickBooks I cannot tie together these types of accounts with a 'Credit Card' Chart of Accounts' in QuickBooks. It must be tied to an 'Other Current Liability'


I performed extensive research online referencing Intuit Developer guides and SDK's. I was able to manually edit the .QBO file to import my Credit Card account as a Credit Card. However, I would need to make these manual changes every single time. In summary, I can provide further detailed information on resolution outside of this post.


I believe BECU should update their OFX file for Credit Card accounts to state that it is a Credit Card and not a Credit Line.


Could someone please look into this and please share this with the community so that we can implement this change for consideration.


Thank you,


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Thanks @Coolcolly. It sounds like you did your homework on this and I don’t blame you – having to make manual file changes each time is a pain. I did some research too and it looks like this is a challenge we have with how our credit card partner provides transaction information. Bottom line is it doesn’t translate well over to the QFX or QBO files. This has been a known and frustrating issue for some time and I’ve escalated it again to see if we can get some action. I’m not making any promises at this point, but we do have eyes on it. Please stay tuned for more. Thanks, JohnS   

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