Change ATM to Easily Select All $20's

In the past there was a single choice of "All $20's" or a mix of $20's and $100's. A recent change now requires a selection for each $100 if you don't want the big bill. Please return it to the way it used to work.


Yes, the screen with two buttons for "Fewest Bills ($100x?)" and "Custom Mix" should have a third button for "All $20 Bills".


Also, the Custom Mix screen should not start with zero bills selected and force the user to press "+" MANY times to match the total amount they entered on a previous menu.  For example, if I had asked for $700, the Custom Mix screen makes me press "+" thirty-five times to get all $20 bills.  On the slow touch-screen, that takes forever!


Instead, the Custom Mix screen should begin with a quantity of $100 bills and $20 bill already entered which matches the total the user already entered.  Then if they want to change the mix, they can simply press "+" or "-" to increase or decrease the number of $100 bills and the system will automatically adjust the number of $20 bills to keep the total the same.

Community Manager

Thanks for starting this conversation @Spindrift and for the added details on your experience @Skyler! We’re learning through members like you that this recent change has caused frustration and more than a few bumps in the flow so we're actively sharing your comments and experiences with our ATM partners to see what we’re able to address. Thanks for voicing your concern and sharing here!  JohnS


+1000!  I couldn't agree more.  This new imaging on your ATM that has the member tapping away feverishly to request (5) 20's doesn't seem like it was thought through very well.... 


I would also agree 100% with the feedback of @Spindrift and @Skyler regarding the ATM cash options. It unfortunately causes unnesseccary traffic at the ATM area when/if the member wants $20's and has to struggle to tap once for every $20. If an "All $20" option cannot be set then the setting options @Skyler mentioned would be the next best solution

BECU Employee

@Shepdog36 & @eqcoleman915- Thanks for adding your additional support and detailed comments; it helps us as we're raising these pain points with our partners internally. Cheers, KristinA 


Please bring back the old withdrawal interface. When I want $300 etc., from checking or savings, I want to press a button, not to have to key in how much money and then cleick a plus button to indicate how many $20's.  All I need is a choice to click a button for all $20's or $100's. Finally

This new format confuses and delays customers using the ATM. Not a good thing.

Bring back the old graphical user interface.

Finally, I don't think BECU is listening to its cusomers. When something works, leave it alone. I will soon be looking at other CU's to open an account and close my account at BECU.



Community Manager

Hi @Daves911sc, thanks for sharing. This change was intended to bring added flexibility, but I can certainly understand your frustration with the flow. Rest assured, we are listening, collecting and sharing this feedback to influence where we can. I appreciate you lending your voice to this new experience. JohnS


Is it possible to get other bills, other than "multiples of $20" when getting cash from an ATM?  The screen says "pick your bills", but when I try that, the machine only allows me to get $20 bills.  Some times I need a $5 or $10 bills!   PLEASE allow customers to withdraw different size bills!!


Yes, please change it back to ask if we want all $20's.  Also please upgrade your screen to make it easier to find the "sweet spot" to key in the request.  Sometimes I have to press several times to get the amount of 20's to increase just one bill.  Or make the button larger so it's not so difficult to be on target.  We have been BECU members for several years but since we make weekly large withdrawals, we make change to a credit union with a more user-friendly ATM.  It doesn't seem this should be difficult for you to improve yet it's been over a month with no word as to when it will happen.


I agree the new bill selection process can be improved. I was pleasantly surprised to see we now have the ability to select the bill mix - which is great! Perhaps a simple fix is, on the custom bill mix screen, give us two new buttons: Rest in $100s and Rest in $20s. Pushing these buttons would set the quantity to the remaining amount. That would remove the need to press + over and over again.