Change ATM to Easily Select All $20's

In the past there was a single choice of "All $20's" or a mix of $20's and $100's. A recent change now requires a selection for each $100 if you don't want the big bill. Please return it to the way it used to work.

Community Manager

Hi @PK Thanks for sharing your idea to improve this experience. We've definitely shared the collective concern around the new withdrawal flow with our ATM partners in hopes to influence change where we can. We'll keep you in the know on any updates. Thanks! JohnS 


I TOTALLY agree with others frustration with the updated ATM screen options. If I want $300 in $20 I have to punch the screen at least 15 times. athat assumes it works correctly each rtime I touch the screen. Either give us an " all $20" option up front or at least be able to key in the number of $20 bills you want instead of having to touch the screen for  each ONE.

Please work with your vendor to get this resolved ASAP. It is a huge customer dissatisfier. Otherwise I love BECU.

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@retiredrita Thanks for adding your thoughts about the new ATM withdrawal flow. I have some good news - our ATM partners are working with our vendor to address these concerns. We'll keep you updated on progress and further details when we know more. Thanks! JohnS


Or just bring back the Preferences!  I usually get the same amount, from the same account all the time.


I found this recent change to the user interface to be extremely frustrating.  I frequently withdrawl $200- 300 at a time and I want it in $20's as only large merchants are willing to make change for $100.  Presently it is very tedious to press the "+" button 15 times to get $300 in $20's.  On some ATM machines the "+" button doesn't register well to a touch and so I actaully have to prese the button twice as many times, this while people are sometimes standing in line behind me.  


Recommendation:  please add a button for "dispense amount in all 20's"

Community Manager

Hi @jswnsea thanks for sharing. Our ATM partners are working to fix the "+" button touch sensitivity and reviewing options to how 20's are selected with your withdrawal. I'll circle back with the group when I have more details. Thanks! JohnS  


Couldn't agree with this idea more. In addition to having to click the + button multiple times to select just $20's, many ATM's are not the fastest processors and they take some time to think about your button press.  This means you are slowed down by the machine in addition to the clunky interface.

This whole poor interface design should have been caught earlier in testing in my professional opinion.

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Status changed to: Idea Built

Hi All! We recently completed updating all our ATMs with a new withdrawal flow.  Here's what to expect:


  • An "ALL $20’s" Button – This button will only appear when the amount selected can be fulfilled in all $20’s. For example, if the withdrawal is over $800 this option won’t be available and you'll need to select from "All $100’s" or "Custom Bill Mix" and get a combination.
  • Custom Bill Mix Screen – the buttons have been fixed so they respond to the touch more responsively. 
  • When the amount requested can only be fulfilled in $20’s, you won’t need to select any options. The ATM will automatically proceed to the next step for receipt options.

OK, I tried out the new interface last night.

Good News: The "All $20's" button works great.  Fortunately, that's what I want most of the time, so my main need is satisfied.

Bad News: The user interface on the "Custom Bill Mix" still sucks.  It starts out assuming you want all $20's.  If you want one $100 bill and the rest in $20's, you have to press "-" five times to get rid of five $20's and then you have to press "+" to add a $100.  That's 6 total button presses for an action which should require only 1 button press.  Getting two $100 bills requires 12 button presses when it should only take 2.  Three $100 bills requires 18 button presses when it should only take 3.


A smart interface would let you press "+" to add a $100 and then automatically remove five $20's for you (simple math!). 


In other words, you don't need "+" and "-" buttons for the user to select $20's.  All you need is for the user to select "+" or "-" for the $100 bills and then automatically adjust the number of $20's to fulfill the balance (remember: the user already specified the total amount before they got to the Custom Bill Mix screen).