Cash only ATMs that don't receive check deposits

I live in Edgewood, WA, and I was very happy to see the Safeway in Milton had a BECU ATM about a year ago. The Rite Aid next door also had a Cash Only ATM that doesn't receive check deposits.

Awhile ago, the ATM in Safeway went away because Safeway made an agreement with Chase Bank and put a permanent bank teller counter in their store. So now the only ATM near my house is the Cash Only one in Rite Aid.

I don't know why these Cash Only ATMs even exist. Why have an ATM that doesn't have the capability to receive deposits? My closest ATM that will take deposits is several miles away.
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Hi @steimlosk! The ATMs in Rite Aid were established to expand the locations where BECU members could access cash with no fee. These machines are BECU branded but aren't owned or serviced by BECU, which is why deposits aren't accepted at these locations. A great way to avoid going to an ATM to make check deposits is by using Mobile Deposit through the BECU app. You can literally snap a picture on the go and make stopping by the ATM a thing of the past (at least for depositing checks). If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! JohnS

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