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Relocate the cash machine in front of the Fed EX office at 205th just east of  highway 99.  Whenever the sun is shining it is impossible to see the screen!!!!  I am not the only one having problems with this as I  seen lots of people having same problem.    It may solve the problem is you just rotated the machine  90 degrees?

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Good morning @robmaryc! I completely understand how the glare can sometimes cause trouble when trying to read the screen. Our ATM team does a lot of research when finding solutions to address this issue and we're running the latest technology to combat it. Moving the ATM seems like an no-brainer, but we don’t always have control over where the ATM itself faces. Our goal is to place the machines towards the North or South to avoid the sun, but many times the property owner of the retail space we lease from have specific design criteria on how the machine is placed, which eliminates the possibilty of rotating the machine 90 degrees. Thanks! JohnS 


In the user interface, place a button across the top or in one corner that remains there throughout the interaction on every screen: "EXIT NOW". This will allow us to terminate the session wherever we are whenever we want so we don't have to go through the agonizingly slow exit process or answer unnecessary questions.

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@DaveO Thanks for sharing your idea, this could be helpful in future enhancements to the ATM workflow. I'll be sure to share your comment with our ATM partners. Thanks! JohnS


As someone who is not familiar with that particular ATM, but has faced similar problems, a water repellant awning facing downwards about 30 degrees should block both the sun and rain on the outdoor ATMs


Cash Machine should be able to give $5 and $10 bills, PLEASE!!!!!    When I get cash, I am using it to pay someone who only takes cash.  The cash machine giving only $20 bills makes it very inconvenient.   Most purchases I make are by using my debit card.  I do not carry cash on a regular basis, so therefore, when a specific cash amount is needed, I have none!


Please consider giving $5 and $10 bills through the machine also.  The menu on the screen even has a place that says I can CHOOSE my bills!  What gives?  Customers can only choose $20 bills!!




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Good morning @Coown, thanks for sharing. You're right, the "Choose your Bill Mix" does allow members the option to choose how they receive their cash between 20's and 100's. We do have a few locations that offer $5 denominations, which I've listed for you below in case any of them are convenient for you. We did explore a $5 bill pilot last year, but currently don't have plans to add smaller denominations to our other machines as the cost of adding and servicing additional bills outweighs member demand at this time. Thanks! JohnS


Seattle University (open M-F 9am-5pm)

UW - HUB (HUB hours)

Seattle Pacific University (24 hr access)

UW - Suzzallo Starbucks (Library hours)

UW Bothell (24 hr access)

Everett Community College (M-F 6:30am-9:30pm)