Business deposits showing details

Having deposits viewable on line would allow deposits that consist of multiple checks  show the details of the deposit.
Please consider this feature on an upgrade. The total deposit would be shown with a marker, like + that would indicate clicking on it would expand the entry.

Community Manager

Good morning @sprints.  I noticed that you posted a similar idea in August regarding this functionality for Online Deposits, which we do offer the capability of viewing all items included. Is this what you're proposing here or are you asking that all deposits made (regardless of how) will show a detailed list of checks included?  Thanks for clarifying! JohnS

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Status changed to: Good news! We have this!

Just wanted to check in with you @sprints and let you know that this functionality currently exists. You can view a detailed list of checks deposited when there are multiple items. When you're logged into Online Banking: 


Click on Online Deposits - located at the top of the screen.

Select "History" in the upper right corner to go to your Transaction History

Click the small arrow icon on the right side of a transaction row to expand if you want to see each check in the transaction.


If you click on a check row in Transaction History, it will take you to a detailed summary of a specific check. There you can review the check image, account number, and receipt number. You can also print the details for your records.


I've also included a handy guide that will walk you through the steps with images, if that would be helpful. JohnS


I have a similar suggestion. Whenever I use the mobile deposit, I cannot see the copy of the deposited checks when I login to my account using my laptop. Is it possible that you can add this feature to see the copies of  mobile deposits even from the web based platform? 

Community Manager

@mochiho I'm doing some digging on this for you. I do know that making mobile deposit images viewable through the Mobile App is on the roadmap for next year. We'll definitely keep you posted here with more details as we get them! Thanks! JohnS