Breast Cancer Awareness

Hello everyone, I have been a BECU member for a while now and I haven't seen a Breast Cancer Awareness debit or credit card...or just a pink card. I'm a Breast Cancer survivor and would like to see something that represents this cause, thank you.
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Community Manager

Hi @rosegillispie, welcome to the MIX and thank you for sharing your experience with the community! Congratulations on beating cancer! BECU has forged partnerships with local businesses, sports teams and nonprofits to enhance not only the member experience but to do our part in improving lives throughout the communities we serve.  We love it when our members express their unique personalities and being able to upload card backgrounds would be a really cool way to embrace that! Due to some current technology and partner limitations, we can't accommodate this right now, but we'll keep it on the radar when we look into future enhancements. JohnS