Bicycle / Green Loan

I'm looking at getting a nicer bicycle, and when I asked at my local bike shop about payment options, they mentioned that another credit union (Verity) offers loans at a lower APR for bikes and other purchases for 'going green.' I'm sure I'm not the only one who wishes I could get a loan similar to an auto loan for a bike from BECU. Would love to see customers rewarded for making purchases that are good for them and the planet!


I love this idea!

Community Manager
Status changed to: Further Consideration

Thanks for sharing your idea with the community @mcbramhill. It's definitely a unique product and our team has done some initial research in this area. With that said, there’s still a need to do further research on demand for this type of loan vs. potential rate pricing to determine future viability . We’ll continue to share with our product team how the community responds and supports this idea and will also let the community know if any development plans evolve. Thanks! JohnS


Good idea


I like this idea. It could help me get back out there on a bike again. 


Really good idea.   Should apply for hybrid or electric cars too.   

And in the future perhaps for certified (?) green, more sustainable houses.   Solar installations etc.