Better notification when cards services has an issue

I've have on a  couple occasions had  my card  blocked for various reasons,  usually when I'm travelling  overseas without any  out kind of warning from the Bank. The latest example was BECU issued  me a new card without warning ( or explanation) while I was overseas ( this was the second new card in one month !!! ) .

And since I can't check my mailbox from half way around the world I obviously don't know my existing card will stop functioning because I can't activate my  card waiting in my mailbox.


The bank should send clear and immediate warnings when a card  is being blocked  or purchases being declined for any reason. 


In the most recent incident after calling BECU  I was told my card was reactivated my existing card ( which in reality it didn't  ) and I told the people whose payment was declined the bank had fixed the issue ( which it wasn't )  which makes me look like a fool or a liar ...


So please if you decide to stop the function of a card immediately notify the card holder. I shouldn't have to chase  you down to figure out what's going on. 




Alex Schneider 

BECU Employee

@Alex98109- Ugh, frustrating. Thanks for sharing your experience here, definitely room for improvement in the notification department. We know that card self-management services are important, so thanks for your feedback.


We want your travels to be as smooth as possible, so we highly recommend letting us know your travel/relocation plans along with good contact info because we do attempt to contact you immediately if there is suspicious activity that needs to be verified. We really don't want you chasing us down! Cheers, KristinA 


On 4/15/17 Sat, I learned my BECU ATM card had been inactivated since criminals were hacking many ATM cards. I am glad for the security action! However, I should have been notified as soon as police actions to capture the thieves were not made difficult. Several ways are possibe:


a. Have all those who enter the BECU home page be forced to read a notice of inactivation.


b. Send an email (when police work won't be hampered) to those who AT"M card is inactivated.


I applaud this fact: A few minutes ago, BECU emailed to me a notice saying a message awaited me on the BECU home page!!

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@Alex98109 and @DaveQuey-engr Thanks for sharing your experiences! We do offer 24 hour fraud monitoring and we attempt to contact you when suspicious activity is identified. I'm updating the status on this idea, please continue to share! JohnS