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BECU app login

I've tried 3 times to log into my online app that you guys keep giving me the password for and everytime I do it it doesn't work I keep calling and asking for another password and they give you the same one and I do it again and it doesn't work again why can't I just use my fingerprint and get onto the app like KeyBank did it was easier to do that I like that idea to use my fingerprint to get into my app it was so nice I wish list BECU app would do the same thing
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Status changed to: Good news! We have this!

Hi @Meadler73, I'm sorry to hear you've had so much trouble logging into the app - I think we've all been there, and it's frustrating for sure. The good news is we do offer Touch ID. On the app login screen please make sure you've enabled Touch ID and check the box next to "remember me". After checking these boxes and entering the correct password you should be prompted to use your stored fingerprint to sign in. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks! JohnS