BECU Online banking website needs work

  • Sometimes it's unavailable - this isn't good.  I'd like to know the reason behind outages, and be open to increased fees for increased reliability.
  • Sometimes I need to clear cookies to log in - This is a minor inconvenience, but it suggests bad practices behind the scenes.  A site update either wasn't tested or was pushed with a known bug that wasn't clearly labeled.  This is concerning for a bank.
  • I'm not sure how tied your hands are with integrations, but the pop-up windows for things like sending money are really irritating.
  • Feature requests for the website should be tracked seperately.  They're specific and common enough to warrant their own category, and they impact every member, but I don't think these requests are currently given the weight they should.


Community Manager

Hi @Grenoble Thank you for your feedback. We will pass it along to the appropriate teams. -Reiners


I too have trouble getting to the login page. Rapid blinking.  This is NOT a minor inconvenience.  When I call, I am told to remove my cookies.  This does work, but I have multiple sites that I normally stay signed in to and of course I have to establish a connection all over again.  If I clear my cookies, this only lasts for 2 - 3 weeks.  BECU needs to fix this problem. This is the only Website where this happens.

Community Manager

@TC63 We are sorry you had such a difficult experience with the website. We appreciate your membership and will pass on your feedback to the web team. -Reiners