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I appreciate the offers for discounted tickets to sporting events.  When is BECU going to offer discounted tickets to cultural events like the Symphony, the Ballet, concerts, plays and such things?  I know it's practically heresy, but not all of us are sports fans; or at least not fans of team sports (personally I hike, ski, canoe, and rollerblade - so I'm not against sports).  Would really love to see benefits for those of us who enjoy other events...  Is this something that others would like as well?


Great idea! Plus I don't always know when discounts will be offered - be great to have notification via the app 

Community Manager

Hi @kpol. I also appreciate The Arts! Your idea of offering discounts to events like the Symphony and Ballet is great and I've shared it with our Community Affairs team for consideration. We love partnering with local businesses and we have many non-sports related events and promotions with Zoo Tunes, community festivals and Wild Waves, to name a few. I encourage you to follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter (if you don't already), as we often share the latest deals through social media. You can also find out what's happening by visiting our Deals and Discounts page on our website, here. Thanks again for sharing, have a great day! JohnS 

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Status changed to: Idea Built

@kpol - We're excited to share a member benefit that now offers you a discount on Seattle Symphony concerts. Thank you for your idea, it was helpful in guiding our efforts as we work to expand the deals & discounts we offer.  You can read more about the details and how to take advantage of the discount here. Cheers, KristinA