BECU Credit Card

It would be awssome if BECU had a credit card with more competive rewards and no yearly fee.

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Good morning All - We're excited to share we've just launch our enhanced VISA rewards card. Check out all the details here.  If you have an existing Visa and you're interested in switching to one of the new options, please give us a call to make the change. 800-233-2328. Thanks for your enthusiasm - we're excited too!, JohnS


I already have your Visa.   If I want the cash back Visa do I have to do an entirely new application and pull my credit too or is it just a simple switch?





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Great question @Peakcomp206 - it's a simple switch, no need for a new application. You can check out all the details here and give us a call when you'd like to switch over. 800-233-2328. Thanks! JohnS

Is it possible for a member to have both the Visa (no rewards) and the Cash Back Visa ? Because I would like to take advantage of both low rates and rewards.
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Good morning @rtali, that's a fair question. Unfortunately it isn't possible to have both the BECU Visa and Cash Back Visa. If you regularly pay off your credit card balance, the Cash Back Visa may be the best choice for you. While the card has a higher APR, if you pay off your balances in full each month you could avoid interest charges altogether. If this isn't the case, you may want to choose regular BECU Visa. We'd be happy to go over the details with you. Please don't hesitate to call us at 800-233-2328. Thanks! JohnS 



@TehCookie wrote:

It would be awssome if BECU had a credit card with more competive rewards and no yearly fee.



Is there a way to set up on line auto pay of your BECU credit card?  

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Good morning @buildpete! You can set up automatic payments for your BECU Visa right from the website, here's how;


  • From the website home page (prior to logging into online banking), click Support
  • Click on the "Forms" tab
  • Expand the Credit Cards and Loans section
  • Click on "esign" next to the Visa Automatic Payment Form
  • Complete the form and submit electronically.

Please let me know if you have any questions. JohnS



Does anyone have this problem? I let BECU know where I am going to travel ( which is about every 3 months). When I use my card for the first time a computer program stops my card. It won’t release the block until they talk to me. I have been in Peru and Tahiti unable to have cell service. So I am unable to use my card. Why is the information not attached to my card?  I have been blocked where I couldn’t get gas or cash! Or be able to call. I have the credit card fraud phone number on speed dial. 

I am seriously considering getting a credit card from another institution. I don’t think this happens with other credit cards. Help!