BECU Credit Card

It would be awssome if BECU had a credit card with more competive rewards and no yearly fee.


I also agree with better rewards. I for one, like to travel, and have considered getting a different credit card for that specific reason. Some type of annual rewards would be nice.

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Hello @TehCookie! Welcome to the MIX and thanks for sharing. This is a popular topic and we've had previous discussions on what our members are looking for. With that said, we’re definitely working on a revamp of our credit card and rewards program. Our MIX community will be the first to know when more details are available - stay tuned here for more. JohnS

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Hi @swelch Thanks for joining the conversation and adding your support! Welcome to the MIX!


I agree and would definitely pursue getting one if they started allowing members to apply for a type of credit card comparing to other banks having better interest rates, pay back optipns, and easy to gain better credit when you pay off your dues in time for a certain period of time and then reward with higher credit limits and rewards for using the card.

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Good morning @Emily07! Thanks for sharing and for joining the MIX! We're currently working to revamp our credit card and rewards program. There's been a lot of interest from the community on this topic, so I'm glad you're weighing in. We're proud to already offer one of the lowest APRs in the country with variable rates starting at 7.65% APR. We also periodically evaluate the credit rating of each member who has a credit card, an if you've improved your credit score sufficiently and your account is in good standing, you may earn a better rate (if you're not already receiving our lowest rate). We'll update your APR automatically and let you know. It's only going to get better with revamped rewards. We'll be sharing here first, so stay tuned for more! Thanks. JohnS 


To compare some of the top cards in the country, check out this link.    


I also wrote an idea on this topic.

Better rewards is something most people that bank with BECU want to see fairly soon.

I really want to use my BECU credit card more, but I dont have the incentive to especially when you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve offering 3x points on Travel and Dining & a $300 travel credit... which is what I mainly use my credit card for anyway...not to mention the aesthetics of the Reserve makes me want to keep it in my wallet more as well...

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Thanks @rsjang91 I can tell this is important to you and without sounding like a broken record, we're already hard at work to bring you an enhanced credit card rewards experience. Thanks! JohnS


The rewards program isn't as talked about as Amazon's rewards.  Could be much better

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@Peakcomp206 Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation! We appreciate your patience as we continue work on revamping our rewards program. Stay tuned here for updates when we have them. Thanks! JohnS

Just saw BECU's new Rewards card with flat 1.5% cash back on new purchases. It's great to see that BECU finally decided to offer a truly good every day spending credit card.