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There is no convenient BECU for Port Townsend, the nearby islands such as Whidby and Mercer, or the towns west of PT such as Sequim and Port Angeles. The closest branch is in Silverdale and that is a long trip for any of these locations.

Port Townsend would be a natural central location for these locations. The courthouse and county seat are here and it is easily accessable both to the islands and to the western cities. Also, many thousands of people visit Port Townsend for the nearly weekly festivals we have here! You can bet a lot of those people are BECU members as well!

Now, in PT, all we have available to us is an unsafe outdoor, outdated ATM of a non-BECU credit union. There are SO MANY things that cannot be done at this ATM. Also, none of us over here have the opportunity to participate in your events. An example is your upcoming shredding event!

There are actually a LOT of BECU members over here! Please consider putting a financial center branch here in Port Townsend.
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Community Manager

Hi @Winniwoman, welcome to the MIX and thank you for your thoughtful feedback! We're always exploring new areas to add to our network of branches and I'll be sure to share your request. We'll definitely keep you posted with any new developments in the Port Townsend area. There's a number of variables we consider when looking to expand our footprint and you can read more about those here.  Thanks! JohnS