Automatic lowered interest

I have several accounts with Becu, two auto loans, a line of credit and even a credit card and all of them have different interest rates. It would be amazing if we could harness this brand loyalty by rewarding it with automatic lowered interest on these accounts, offers to increase credit limits with steady payments and without receiving a hard hit to credit just by being brand loyal.
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We love our loyal members! As member advocates, we encourage our members to consistently and continuously practice sound financial behavior. And when you do, we reward you! You can find additional details on the existing program in the link below, the reprice typically occurs in the summer/fall time frame. We hope you get to experience this great benefit in the coming years! Thanks for getting in the MIX!


Cheers, Kristin


 Hi Kristn, how would a member know if they are eligible? It appears you need to do more than pay on time every month.

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@azvinzant- You'd receive notification of your repriced loan(s) in the mail. I do know they take into consideration overall BECU account history and increases in credit score which would warrant qualifying for a lower interest rate. Thanks! 


I belonged to another credit union in a different state that would automatically lower your interest rate on mortgages whenever the prime dropped, by the same percentage as the prime drop.   I would like to see BECU do this for members in good standing who have a history of paying on time.